Statement + Bio

My intention in my work is to encapsulate the beauty and inherent ‘mystery’ I find in a given subject and distill its essence in a highly personal way, bringing the viewer a fresh perspective. This mode of observing and subsequent reinterpretation has become a meditation of sorts, a way of experiencing—as they say in Zen—the ‘suchness’ of a given subject. Painting has become like a soliloquy to me—a way of expressing my observations and personal experience of the world around me. I am endlessly inspired and challenged by the interaction of colour, shape and light. To reinterpret these elements with an emphasis in strong design and composition is both an immense challenge and obsessive joy.



Jennifer Sparacino was born in 1982, in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. In 2007, she received her 3-year diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration (IDEA Program) from Capilano University. In 2011 she began working full time as an artist, with painting as her primary means of expression. She currently lives and works in Chilliwack, BC.