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I've been working on some new, larger pieces for an upcoming show at Adele Campbell Fine art in Whistler next month. What I've noticed since the beginning of 2016, is how much more 'flow' I seem to have in my process.


Flow is something many artists and creatives speak about. It's seems elusive, often conjuring up images of some Zen-like meditation practice followed by effortless action and thus perfection in the finished product. What I've found is 'perfection' is often not present at all the end of a painting—because afterall, what IS perfection anyway?—but more honest and real work seems to be staring back at me.


For me, flow is how the process of painting changes. It does seem more 'effortless' in a way, but the big one is how much I more I enjoy the process of painting. TIme becomes invisible and life seems to feel somehow, eternal, ever-present. Decisions are made that somehow feel 'right' and suprisingly, often are once standing back and taking a discerning look.


What I'm witnessing is how all the personal marks and touches that have always been present in my work, are somehow all remixing into something that is becoming concretely 'me'. The gauge of this is the inner knowing that once finished, the work feels honest and real to me.


In Taoism, “wei wu wei”, which is often translated as “action without action” or “effortless doing” seems to be a cornerstone to cultivating a healthy and productive creative process. I love how the practice of this concept is translating in my painting process and finished work.