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Things are evolving in the studio. Although animals are still a prominent subject, the way I'm approaching my paintings is changing. Imagination, childhood, optimism and irony are all elements working through each piece.




Recently, I've surrendered to being human.


Yes, you read that right.


Being human is messy. It's beautiful and brutal. It's our imperfections, our faults and all our shit we don't want to face sometimes that wonderfully creates our kalidescope life of broken colours. I've realized the arrogance in thinking I could outsmart millions of years of evolution, and genetic coding and cultural conditioning...that I could outsmart things as they are. I have surrendered to being me, with all my imperfections and my past being messy, broken and full of what if's while an unwritten future awaits. These elements all collide with maturity and understanding, with compassion and acceptance.


The brush moves with vibrant colours; animals that have been companions in real life or in imagination possess the space. Abstract shapes–broken, beautiful colours–reflect optimism and beauty amidst the human experience of uncertancies and unconcious conditioning. Dreamscapes are taking predominance over the known landscapes. New terriorities are being discovered.