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As noted in my previous blog post, I've taken the opportunity during the Covid-lockdown to spend some time working on new subjects and new, smaller sizes.


I'll start by saying that I do love painting animals and do still feel a connection to that genre. But I've felt the need to grow and evolve for a while now, in both subject and a bit in style, so with these new paintings (mostly floral still life's at this point), I've let myself explore how I want to translate a new—but classic—subject.


To say I've enjoyed the process would be putting it lightly. I've LOVED painting these little works. I love that they are also on thinner (0.75") canvas so they can be framed beautifully and packed and shipped fairly easily. They are also all under 12x12 inches.


Moving forward, I want to offer these new works for sale directly through my website. At this point, they are experimental pieces, and I haven't a gallery market for them. They are also small compared to my regular work and I want to be able to offer these at my artist price as a 'covid-discount' to those who may be looking for something new from me.


I don't know where these little paintings will take me, but I do know that I'm continuing to allow the inevitable creative evolution process to take hold.


So, if you are in the market for some smaller works and are interested in something new from yours truly, you can click to purchase directly under each painting (through PayPal). I'm always an email away too if questions arise.


Here's to keeping the creative flame burning even in these unprecedented times!