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"Out of adversity comes opportunity" —Benjamin Franklin


With our new 'normal' in full swing, I've found it's been a little challenging to get to the studio for really long stretches of time. I've also been so keenly aware of my immediate surroundings... my garden, my house, colours and patterns, light, songbirds, Spring bursting forth. One of the ways I'm navigating my time, creative energy and focus, is to play more.


Play. I'm learning from my kids right now more than ever. How to make 'something out of nothing', how to see with fresh eyes, how to be open to 'beginner's mind' as they say in Zen.


With this bit of breathing room—the wheel of civilization grinding to a relative halt—I've given myself permission to play with my art. I'm using the subjects in my immediate surroundings to inform a new body of work. The paintings are relatively small... 8x10's, 10x10's to start. I'm letting go and experiencing so my joy in the process.


I've uploaded six new floral still life paintings to my website. These are a direct response to owning our new 'normal' and playing in the process of its definition. It's my way of feeling in control of something, using my creative practice as a way to ground myself in the 'here and now', more than ever before.


As always, thanks for reading :)