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These animals that I've painted for a number of years now, have recently pushed their way deeper into my psyche. There's been a bit of a breakthrough in style and in concept. They have become not just an object to reinterpret and use to formulate a working conposition, but they've also become more totemic and symbolic in their meaning. My work is becoming more personal. It's not just about representation of the subject, there's also the painting of my experiences, insights, societal influences and what I'm learning to understand from a higher-perspective as I grow as an artist and person.


I'm letting more soul into my work, and the mind is working its magic more in the background. There's more intuitive decision making and I'm letting the work evolve and grow as it feels right to.


Stylistically, one area that has changed the most, I feel, is my looser brush work. I have the tendency to 'tighten up' my work a lot and I feel I lost some of my earlier work's texture. I want to represent the fur, the energy and the texture of the animals again. What I have retained is my use of geometric shapes (although even those have become less 'perfect' and more genstural).


I also have let my drawing of the animals become less precise with more abstraction and gesture than I had been doing. I'm feeling the personality of the animal more and adjusting the drawing of it to best represent that.


Solid-colour backgrounds feature more prominemtly, letting the animals take centre stage.

Where I do want to paint the backgrounds with scenery, I want to push that into more abstract and modernistic shapes too.


I have always loved animals. As a child, I knew I would work with them one day in some capacity as an adult. Painting and drawing them is the way I've found my niche.