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Over the past few months, alongside my larger wildlife paintings, I've been working slowly but steadily on new, smaller works. Many of these new paintings are completely different subject matter from my wildlife paintings, and it's been fun and refreshing to work on new ideas and push my process and 'the known' in my painting life.


I love painting wildlife and anything that hints at the 'wildness' of life. I don't think I will ever abandon this. But with the new subjects requiring me to rethink how best to compose a painting, mix colours and reinterpret shapes and values with my style, the learning and creative jumps have been exponential.


Working relatively small scale has also been refreshing and there's been less pressure to have the painting work out, because there's been less investment of time and materials to complete say, an 8x10 vs a 48x48 canvas.


I'm also thinking of how to encourage a wider market growth with my work. Those who love my wildlife works (and have purchased them...thank you!) I feel I have this market fairly secure. But with smaller works and new subjects, I'm hoping to open doors to new tastes and budgets.


Most importantly, I'm continuing to find joy in the process of painting, which no matter the subject or size, it is paramount to having a continued studio practice and to pull from when the procrastination monster is at the door and the creative tank is running dry.


Being an artist–I'm discovering–isn't a sprint, it's a long distance run. What makes the journey sucessful and joyful, is knowing how to creatively pace myself and keep enough fuel in my tank with new inspirations and always asking the question "what could be?"


Happy creating! xo