Spring Spotlight

I'm putting finishing touches on the final paintings for the annual Spring Spotlight show at Adele Campbell fine art, for the end of March. 

I'm sending a collection of 10 new paintings to the gallery next week, and it feels good to have a fresh collection out for Spring. 

Here's a sneak peak below...

Goodbye, Social Media

After much deliberation, I've deleted my Instagram account. I've had this account for the past 13 years, and it felt time to let it go. 

I've found the cost of using the app vs the actual benefits just haven't been adding up. I left Facebook 2+ years ago and haven't missed it at all. I'm on day 3 of no IG and already I feel less anxious, calmer and more focused. Also, my kids don't see me on my phone so much which I think is a wonderful side benefit.

If you used to follow me on IG and are now on my website, thank you for taking the time to google me and find me here. Moving forward, I've added an email subscription option on my Contact page. I won't send much, but some occasional updates on new work, shows and perhaps some studio news I feel is relevant. 

Following my representing galleries is always a great idea too. My goal is to pour more of myself into my art this year, I want to produce more work and I'm hoping that by lessening unnecessary distractions and points of friction in my life, that goal can be realized.

It's a weird and yet nostalgic feeling to have no social media. I turned 40 this fall, so I'm old enough to remember life before the internet and before smart phones and their corresponding apps became ubiquitous in everyone's life. 

In the end, I feel this move away from social media has been a way of honouring who I am now, and my values. Thanks for following my journey here on a 'slower media' platform–my website and blog.

Yours in art,


Goldenball Mercantile
Some exciting Spring news: I was recently contacted by Brooke Meeker of Goldenball Mercantile in Mission, BC to invite me to show my art in her soon-to-open gallery and high-end retail shop! Goldenball Mercantile is planning to open late spring with a cleverly curated offering of amazing decor, gifts and custom furnishing.

Immediately intrigued, I gave Brooke a call and quickly knew it would be a wonderful fit. I will be showing some of my wildlife art as well as other subjects alongside. I will have paintings of various sizes and subjects. My hope is to grow a local audience as well as expand a wider reach as news of Goldenball and our collaboration spreads.

I also love that Brooke's shop will be on First Avenue in Mission. I love that she is contributing to the growth and development of the community there, and in a historical section of downtown. I grew up in Mission, spent the first 20 years of my life there before moving to Vancouver for college. I again reside in the Fraser Valley only now in Chilliwack, about 30 mins East.

I'm thrilled to be a part of my hometown again via my artwork!

New Website

With 2020 behind us, and 2021 feeling like there's light at the end of the Covid-tunnel, I felt a new, fresh website was needed to celebrate.

Besides the new navigation, there's the new section called 'from the studio'. Over the past few years, I've been slowly working on new paintings, exploring new subjects, formats and painting 'styles'. I finally feel there's been some consistency of late so I've started to offer these works direct to clients as well as bringing a few into my galleries. Many have sold, and I continue to get positive feedback from clients as well as art-lovers and fellow artists, which all feeds the creative-fire.

I plan to continue to push into this new direction, alongside my wildlife paintings. There will be a new collab with a gallery (all about this in my next post!), where I'm hoping to get a larger market for these new works alongside my animals.

For now, I have my artwork organized as 'in galleries' (pretty self-explanatory) and 'in the studio' where the works can be inquired about directly to myself.

Yours in art,